Designed for the other 98% of women who will proudly never grace the cover of Vogue.

Ninety-Eight is for those of us with handles full of love, perfectly happy with our imperfections.

Clothes that make sense and work for your body shape.

Why should only 2% of women have all the fun?



Ninety-Eight Founders Michelle Germain, Maggie Murphy, Andrea McPhail

We’re not designers. Why is this a good thing? Because so many designers are creating clothes for only 2% of women – women who could wear a burlap sack and get away with it. Kudos to them, but what about the rest of us?

Ninety-Eight was founded as a collaboration between a group of fashion-loving friends, Maggie Murphy, Michelle Germain and Andrea McPhail, who struggled one too many times to find pieces that work with their shape, not against it. As the owner of Shopgirls in Toronto, Michelle had seen so many women trying things on, in love with clothes made by a particular designer but unable to buy anything from their line because of the lack of diversity in the cuts available. Michelle made it Shopgirls' mission to curate a collection of pieces that work for ALL body shapes.

It was a challenge to find Canadian lines (Shopgirls carries only Canadian designers) that fit the bill. So, Michelle and her friends (and also avid Shopgirls customers), Maggie and Andrea, got together to take matters into our own hands and found our own body-shape inclusive Canadian-designed and manufactured line.

Our mission is to create a collection of fashion-forward pieces with something for EVERY BODY, not just for the model behind the camera. We don't reinvent the fashion wheel with each collection, but instead carefully curate a collection that is full of mix-and-match pieces that we ALL love and can wear, which is no small feat since each of us is a different body shape: Michelle is a Circle, Maggie is a Rectangle and Andrea is an Hourglass. As a result, each of the 6 body shapes is represented (Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Classic, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass), and we're even able to offer our customers the ability to shop the collection by body shape.

Because we're all moms, we know that having a wardrobe that's easy to wear is just as important as having a wardrobe that looks great, so we exclusively use washable fabrics, as in Dry Clean Never. And if the styles aren't comfortable, they simply don't make it into the collection.  Period.

We're also really proud to keep it local and offer a line that is designed and manufactured in Canada. Ninety-Eight manufactures it's garments in Toronto with a team of talented industry experts to ensure top quality pieces that will stand the test of time, and that our customers know who made their clothes.