Dry Clean NEVER! A better choice for you and the environment.

February 24, 2018


Toronto, ON


February 26, 2018


Available for immediate release.


The average family spends $1,800 on dry cleaning.  Per year!  Not only is that detrimental to our environment, but what about our wallets?  This is why Canadian-designed and manufactured Ninety-Eight clothing uses only fabrics that are washable, as in Dry Clean Never.  


Celebrating women who are perfectly happy with their imperfections, Ninety-Eight

gets it.  Locally making no brainer clothing that’s easy and comfortable, you don't have to think twice when you wear Ninety-Eight, no maintenance fabrics with styles that you will wear and love season after season.  Slow fashion at it's best.  


Styles are created for various body shapes of REAL women, pieces that fit and flatter

each shape. The creative trio, Maggie Murphy, Michelle Germain and Andrea McPhail

work tirelessly throughout the design and sample stage to be sure that each of the 6 body shapes are represented: Circle/Rectangle/Triangle/Classic/Inverted Triangle/Hourglass, making fashion inclusive, at long last!



Ninety-eight launched its first collection in Fall 2015 and is now available in over 35

boutiques across Canada.


For more information, request for interviews and/or images reach out to michelle@ninety-eight.ca or visit www.ninety-eight.ca

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